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Transportation Management

TLG facilities cargo movement via all modes of transport from Sea Going Container Ships to Boeing 747 Cargo Aircraft.  Our focus is on international compliance, safety and timely delivery.


TLG's Team of Certified / Licensed Procurement Officers specialize in supporting material acquisition from around the Globe.  TLG can assist in sourcing and, if tasked, acquiring product to support Defense or Commercial Clients.

We go to those hard locations, so you don't have to. 
TLG Worldwide specializes in understanding client needs and translating those into the appropriate actions.  We have vast experience in providing a wide variety of logistic solutions around the globe. Let us build the right solution for your unique requirements.

Material Consolidation and Packaging

TLG Personnel are operating warehouse and distribution centers, on behalf of Clients, throughout Europe and the Middle East.  While the Client is most often not at the site, they have real-time visibility through TLG 3PL Tracking Software.


Contract Review

TLG Compliance and Technical Experts are available to support preparation of Contracts.  While often over-looked it is the most important aspect of the Supply Chain.

Product Tracking

TLG Information Specialists coordinate with Factories and Suppliers to ensure product marking and labeling to facilitate real time tracking throughout the Supply Chain.

Material Consolidation and Packaging

TLG manages the flow of product from regional suppliers to “Staging Areas” where cargo is prepared for any mode of transport – Air, Sea, Truck or Rail.